Eddie Brock
Character information
Name Eddie Brock
Alias Venom
Type Cosmic
Sex Male
Species Human
Synergies Spider-Man (Classic)
Spider-Man (Symbiote)
Joe Fixit

Venom is a Cosmic type Champion.


After Peter Parker rejected a sinister alien symbiote, the extra-terrestrial threat sought revenge by bonding with Eddie Brock, ex-photographer for the Daily Bugle and Peter's longtime rival. Fueled by their shared hatred of Spider-Man, Brock and the symbiote now use their immense strength and deadly abilities to gain revenge as the fearful Venom.

Special Attacks

  • Constituent Lash - Morphing his arm into a whip of constituent matter, Venom lashes his target thrice.
  • Constituent Carnage - Eight repeated strikes tear at opponent's with tendril and claw.
  • Hide-and-Seek - Venom's body writhes and mutates into a creature of nightmares as he plays a twisted game of hide-and-go-seek with his prey.


  • Bleed
  • Genetic Memory
  • Replicate
  • Replicate
  • Bloodlust

Tier Statistics

Tier Start Rating Start HP Start Attack Synergies Max Rating Max HP Max Attack
Tier-1 N/A
Tier-4 684 Spider-Man (Classic)
Spider-Man (Symbiote)
Joe Fixit
3,307 17,180 1,216
Tier-5 1,419


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