Thor Odinson
Character information
Name Thor Odinson
Alias Thor
Type Cosmic
Sex Male
Species Norse God
Synergies Dr. Strange
Iron Man

Thor is a Cosmic type Champion.


The mighty Thor is Asgard's finest and bravest warrior. With god-like strength, command over lighting, and the aid of the legendary hammer Mjolnir, Thor defends Earth alongside his battle-worthy companions, the Avengers.


  • Stun

Special AttacksEdit

  • Call Lightning - Bridging the heavens and Earth, Thor redirects a mighty bolt of lightning towards his opponent.
  • Mjölnir's Fury - Nobody can outrun the mystical hammer Mjölnir.
  • Odin's Wrath - Thor channels the powers of a God and strikes with Mjölnir using the strength of a thunderstorm.

Tier StatisticsEdit

Tier: Start Rating: Starting HP: Starting Attack: Synergies: Max Rating: Max HP: Max Attack:
1-Star N/A
2-Star Dr. Strange
Iron Man
3-Star Dr. Strange
Iron Man
1217 6609 463
4-Star Dr. Strange
Iron Man
3057 16572 1159

Jane Foster
Character information
Name Jane Foster
Alias Thor
Type Psychic
Sex Female
Species God
Synergies Black Widow, Thor, Vision

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