Parker Robbins
The Hood
Character information
Name Parker Robbins
Alias The Hood
Type Mystic
Sex Male
Species Human
Synergies Joe Fixit
Doctor Voodoo
Iron Patriot

The Hood is a Mystic type Champion.


Always fascinated with super humans, young petty thief Parker Robbins used his gains to help his family, including his ailing mother. When a burglary took an unexpected turn, Parker found himself in possession of a pair of mystical boots and cloak. Struggling to understand the supernatural items, he learned they granted him limited powers, including invisibility and the ability to walk on air. Dubbed “The Hood” by the police, Parker soon found himself forced down a darker path, using his newfound powers to start his own criminal empire to ensure the safety of his family.

Special Attacks

  • Eldritch Arc - Reaching deep into his granted power, The Hood casts out an arc of chaotic lightning.
  • Occult Onslaught - Calling forth his supernatural handguns, The Hood creates a bit of distance and empties the clips into his target.
  • Dark Pact - Overwhelmed by the dark power inside him, Parker begins to transform into something else entirely.


  • Invisibility
  • Stagger
  • Lightning Arc
  • Hex Magic
  • Bleed
  • Dark Dealings

Tier Statistics

Tier Start Rating Start HP Start Attack Synergies Max Rating Max HP Max Attack
Tier-1 N/A
Tier-4 3,517 15,508 1,148
Tier-5 Joe Fixit
Doctor Voodoo
Iron Patriot


For all photos and videos, see The Hood/Gallery.

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