Marcus Milton
Character information
Name Marcus Milton
Alias Hyperion
Type Cosmic
Sex Male
Species Eternal
Synergies Thor
Iron Man
Doctor Strange

Hyperion is a Cosmic type Champion.


An infant cast into space, Hyperion was the only survivor of a dying race, on a dying world. He crashed to Earth, and was found by a man who called himself Father. Father would teach him right from wrong, good from evil, instilling in him a set of morals which would guide him into using his incredible powers as a sworn protector of our world.

Special Attacks

  • Atomic Vision - Hyperion fires beams of intense heat from his eyes to devastating effect.
  • Solar Wind - Using his massive strength Hyperion can exhale with the force of a hurricane.
  • Orbital Kinetic Strike - Hyperion hammers his opponent into the ground, before launching himself into orbit, and using gravity to help him smash back down on them, at terrifying speed!


  • Fury
  • Incinerate
  • Stun
  • Armor Break
  • Cosmic Potential

Tier Statistics

Tier Start Rating Start HP Start Attack Synergies Max Rating Max HP Max Attack
Tier-1 N/A
Tier-4 3,459 16,762 1,103
Tier-5 Thor
Iron Man
Doctor Strange


For all photos and videos, see Hyperion/Gallery.

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