Clint Barton
Character information
Name Clint Barton
Alias Hawkeye
Type Skill
Sex Male
Species Human
Synergies Iron Man
Scarlet Witch

Hawkeye is a Skill type Champion.


Clint Barton - a regular guy amongst super soldiers, armored geniuses, and gods of thunder. Known as the World's Greatest Marksman, he's mastered the bow and arrow, and the ability to transform nearly any projectile into an accurate weapon. Tenacious, brave, and heroic, Hawkeye stands tall amongst the mighty Avengers!


Special AttacksEdit

  • E.M.P. Arrow - Hawkeye knocks the opponent back, then shoots them with an electromagnectic pulse. Please taze me, Bro. Depletes up to 20% of the target's max Power.
  • Incendiary Arrow - Hawkeye shows off by launching an explosive thermal-tipped arrow while upsidedown.

Tier Summaries Edit

Tier: Start Rating: Starting HP: Starting Attack: Synergies: Max Rating: Max HP: Max Attack:
1-Star 97 N/A
2-Star 126 670 Scarlet Witch
3-Star 268 Iron Man
Scarlet Witch
1219 6245 458
4-Star 601 Hulk
Iron Man
Scarlet Witch
3117 15660 1148


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