Gwen Poole
Character information
Name Gwen Poole
Alias Gwenpool
Type Skill
Sex Female
Species Human
Synergies Deadpool (X-Force)
Howard the Duck
Thor (Jane Foster)
Spider-Man (Symbiote)

Gwenpool is a Skill type Champion.


Through unknown means, the avid comic reader Gwen Poole was transported into the world of the comics she loves so much, with all of her memories of the "real" world intact. Unwilling to remain an extra in her own story, she sets out to make a name for herself and to find a way to pay her internet bill. Maybe she can make some money in this Contest thingy? At least it'll give her something fun to do!

Special Attacks

  • Slice, Slice, Bang! - Swords and guns! What more could you ask for?
  • Down, Set, Boom! - Explosives strapped on a football, and kicked right at your opponent's face! Catch!
  • Watch This! - In the immortal words of anyone about to do something really cool, that in no way could go horribly wrong!


  • Bleed
  • Incinerate
  • Enervate
  • Plot Armor

Tier Statistics

Tier Start Rating Start HP Start Attack Synergies Max Rating Max HP Max Attack
Tier-1 N/A
Tier-5 Deadpool (X-Force)
Howard the Duck
Thor (Jane Foster)
Spider-Man (Symbiote)


For all photos and videos, see Gwenpool/Gallery.

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