Scott Summers
Character information
Name Scott Summers
Alias Cyclops
Type Mutant
Sex Male
Species Human
Synergies Wolverine

Cyclops (New Xavier School) is a Mutant type Champion.


Projecting forceful optic blasts from his eyes, he was a formidable defender of mutantkind. But after murdering Xavier under control of the Phoenix Force, Summers has gone from exemplar to pariah.


  • Armor Break

Special Attacks

  • Optic Blast - Cyclops uses his Ruby-Quartz visor to focus a beam of energy.
  • Vigilance - Two rage-fueled punches and a kick daze the opponent long enough for Cyclops' Optic Blast to teach them a lesson.
  • Gigawatt Blast - Scott Summers briefly loses control, allowing his Optic Blast to reach gigawatt levels. He'll be the only witness.

Tier Statistics

Tier Start Rating Start HP Start Attack Synergies Max Rating Max HP Max Attack
Tier-1 N/A
Tier-2 Wolverine
Tier-4 Magneto
Tier-5 1,436


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