Piotr Rasputin
Character information
Name Piotr Rasputin
Alias Colossus
Type Mutant
Sex Male
Species Human
Synergies Wolverine

Colossus is a Mutant type Champion.


Piotr "Peter" Rasputin was the child of Russian farmers, born with big shoulders and strong spirit. When his mutant powers emerged, his body became encased in living steel and he became one of the mightiest heroes of the Marvel Universe. Peter moved to America to join the X-Men, serving as both the heart and conscience of the team.


Special AttacksEdit

  • Dropkick - A classic wrestling move used to knock down any opponent.
  • Unstoppable - Colossus demonstrates hand to hand combat with enough superhuman strength to careen 100 tons.
  • Unbreakable - In flesh form he is a man; in steel form he is a hero, increasing his damage based on his current Armor level.

Tier Summaries Edit

Tier: Start Rating: Starting HP: Starting Attack: Synergies: Max Rating: Max HP: Max Attack
1-Star 124 654 N/A
2-Star Juggernaut
3-Star Wolverine
1280 6609 463

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