Alliances are groups of 30 players who are able to join under a single name and assist each other, there are also plans to introduce a base system wherein players can control areas.

Starting an Alliance:

Players who are not already in an Alliance may start a new Alliance by purchasing it from the Alliance screen. Alliances may be purchased with either Battle Chips or Credits. Players must choose a title for their Alliance and a Tag composed of up to five characters to identify players within the Alliance. The Alliance Tag is displayed alongside the player's name in squared brackets, both on their player screen and alongside their character in Versus modes.


Players may request assistance from other members of the Alliance to gain benefits. If a player runs out of quest energy they may request it from their alliance. It requires 10 other members of the Alliance to 'help' in order to receive the bonus energy. Players may also request a reduced waiting time in Versus mode, to end the 2-hour cooldown. This requires just 5 other members of the Alliance to 'help' for the request to be completed. For each request that you 'help' a fellow Alliance member with you will receive 10 Alliance Points. You can earn up to 1000 Alliance Points per day maximum. For 1000 Alliance Points you can purchase the Alliance Crystal, the only way to receive the Unstoppable Colossus character.

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